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Maitri against Corona (नैसर्गिक आपत्ती)

एखाद्या नैसर्गिक आपत्तीपेक्षाही अधिक भयंकर आपत्ती कोरोनाच्या रूपाने आपल्यासमोर येवून उभी आहे. सर्व जगाला वेढून टाकणा-या या समस्येशी लढण्यासाठी मैत्री ने तयारी केली आहे. सुरुवातीला लोकांमध्ये प्रबोधनाच्या करण्यामध्ये आपण सरकारी पातळ्यांवर जे काम चालू होते त्यात हातभार लावला.  ...

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Maitri Education - Palkar School, Pune (पुणे शहर)

Ga. Ra. Palkar is a non aided school in KarveNagar Pune. The students coming to the school are typically from backward economic class and do not get much guidance from their home. Maitri volunteers are conducting Coaching classes for Maths, Science and English here. We call these classes as "Parallel Coaching Claases" and are run for the students of 5th to 8th standard student who cannot go with the pace of teaching in the regukar school classes. They lack behind, which intern creates dislike and/or fear about subject and it keeps on growing. Here in Parallel Classes we try to teach such students separately to remove the fear from their minds and develop interest. ...

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